Which are the key steps of a production?

Fotoproduktion - Büroalltag

Appointment & Negotiation


4 weeks till production

In a personal conversation we discuss your ideas and wishes. The more we know about your company, your brand and your image, the more precise we can offer possibilities and solutions for you.


3 weeks till production

Our team works out a shooting plan, which reaches your target audience best. Your customers should not only identify themselves with our photographs, but they should live the image of your brand/company.


2 week till production

If you like our shooting schedule and everything is clear, we will calculate a full fixed price covering all works and services of the project. Once we receive your “OK”, we’ll get to work.

Fotoproduktion - Büroalltag



2-1 weeks till production

We search for photo models through model agencies and we organize castings to find the best suiting models for your image. The best models identify themselves with the role they play to suit your demands.


2-1 weeks till production

Our stylist  prepares all the clothing, shoes and accessories for the models as well as several props and trinkets. Everything has to be prepared up to the last detail, as it has to fit harmonically into the concept.


1 week till production

Wherever the best place for the realisation of the production might be, we will find the right location for your project. Alternatively we are able to plan and construct many situations in our studio.


Day(s) of the production

Make Up

Production day

Our make up artists prepare the models for every setup. The make-up has to fit the styling and creates the perfect look. Within this phase we work already with highest precision. Mainly always under time pressure and even if the weather is fine or bad.


Production day

The photographer and his assistants are preparing and measuring the setup on location to have the best light situation. For sure he orientates his work within the concept. Of course he is able to change his technic to suit unexpected situations.


Production day

The producer is the one who is everywhere although nobody sees him the whole shooting day. He coordinates everything and guarantees that everything works and runs harmonically.

Fotoproduktion Tante Emma Laden

Post production


1st week after production

Hundrets of images a video clips we have to review and select the best shots, to give them to our retouchers, cutters and visual artists. Our educated eyes know best, what our customers demand and which shots and takes do represent their image and requirements perfectly.

Post production

2nd week after production

Graphic artists, retouchers, editors and VFX artists work hand in hand with us and use the raw material to conjure the visual end product for your customers. Even after so many years, we are always amazed at what our “digital surgeons” are doing.


3rd-4th week after

If all material has been processed, we will send them for your previewing. In case that you confirm our good job and give us your OK, we will supply all finalized images and/or videos in full resolution. You can choose between physical delivery or FTP-download.