Recruiting video

Thrill your applicants. Secure your experts.

A recruitment video, also called an employer video or a candidate movie, is almost the same as a motion picture ad. Employer’s brand videos are an impressive way to present your corporate culture and philosophy, as well as the right instrument to find the best employees for your company.

Be one step ahead in recruitment.

As candidates actually are being asked, the confidence of today’s employees significantly increased. That’s why the market has turned and candidates often can choose their desired company. So you need to be creative in order to present yourself as the desired dream company to attract talents.

Employer Brand Video for successful recruitment

The best way to present your company to future candidates is an authentic and original way. So you can tell the story of your company and especially your work and inspire your potential employees to apply. In a recruitment film, you present exactly those aspects of your company that are important for your candidates. These include working atmosphere and corporate culture, but also a work-life balance.

Most important: Credibility

Recruitment videos should be as trustworthy and authentic as possible. It is not about overdrawing ans telling fairytales, but rather defining the most specific characteristics of your company. This allows potential candidates to get a feel for your company right from the start of the recruitment process, and you can use your video to differentiate and stand out from other employers.

Why do I need an Employer Branding Video?

Recruitment videos have already become the standard in HR marketing and are the best way to attract more and better employees:

With an employer’s brand video you can act as an interesting and attractive employer and inspire and convince potential candidates. This will turn your company into a dream business!

Be the creator.

In addition, the recruitment video facilitates the application process because applicants directly know what is happening in your company and what opportunities are waiting for them. Thus, moving images can make a decisive contribution to identifying your employees with your company – a real guarantee of success, especially in the long run!

Find the right base.

Videos can be used very widely as part of a successful brand strategy for employers. First of all, your video should find the right place at your own site. Additionally, it is very important to broadly seed your recruitment video in all relevant channels and to integrate it into online job advertising. A recruitment video is the best instrument to get attention.

Social media.

Only in case that you publish your your video in several social media channels you will reach the younger candidates generation directly. Job search for millennials and following generations is an internet thing. If you are not there, you will be out.

A recruiting video offers you the opportunity to strongly influence these young talents generations.

Highlight talents.

What’s necessary for a perfect recruitment video?

If you look for new candidates and employees, than here you are at the right address. We will be happy to create an impressive Recruiting Video for your company.

Show what’s really interesting

First, answer these two questions: what is the meaning of your company and what is the target audience you want to reach? Do you have the right answers? If not, don’t worry! We will be happy to meet you and find ideas for your recruitment video. Most important is that we really understand the needs of your potential candidates. Employees are mainly interested in the following:

Engage your employees

Nobody reflects your company’s culture better than your employees. That is why we work with them right from the start. We want to know, ehy they are feeling so good at your company and how there everyday work environment looks like. How do they feel being part of your business!

This is how we find out values that are important for your current employees and also what attracts future candidates. All collected information will be very helpful for developing ideas which we can directly integrate into your recruitment video. That is how we express something like a spirit…

Chilly and crisp.

Keep thing simple. Crisp and fresh. Don’t bore candidates while watching. In order to convince your audience we will create a fascinating story that perfectly represents your company.

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Reach your applicants with all channels!

To ensure that your company really gets the attention of jobseekers, we’ll be happy to help you place your employer’s brand video on various channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, Instagram and YouTube, and also on several career sites. If you look for candidates from different countries, sure, we can produce your recruiting video in different languages.

Feedback counts for success!

Noone knows your company better than you. So, your feedback is really appreciated. That is why we always ask you for your feedback. This is the best way to produce a satisfying product for both, you and your brand as an employer and your convinced future employees.

And once again step by step:

Who are you? What makes you special? Why should a candidate apply for work at your company? – We’re very interested in your answers to these questions and ideas, so we can create the perfect recruitment video for you. So in the first step, you have to explain exactly what you expect. The more detailed information we get the better your recruitment video will suit you.

Once we have everything briefed, work begins for us. First, we create a concept and ask you and your employees to find the exact arguments for you and your company. This concept then also serves as the first orientation for you. This way, you can have a decisive influence on the direction of your recruitment video before making a specific bid. Once the concept has been changed exactly to your wishes, you will receive a specific offer from us, and as soon as your formal order is placed, we will start implementing it immediately.

Now is the time to further develop from the rough concept of the first idea. To give you an idea of ​​what shots we have made, we will prepare a script and a storyboard for you.

The script and script now serve as a red thread to turn ideas into action: we design a suitable shooting plan, determine the look of your recruiting video, cast compelling performers, and choose the perfect locations – ideally, of course, right at your place. We all try to make everything perfect from the beginning. In addition, our graphic designers are starting their work and designing the foundation of corporate identity graphics and animations that will eventually be incorporated into your video.

Post-production combines footage, graphics, musical elements, voice and much more. Everything will be perfectly coordinated and connected. Our experienced team takes care of all the work steps – from video editing to sound and motion design.
And now there is a unique moment: you can enjoy almost finished film for the first time in its full glory. Not yet fully convinced? No problem! We will process your change requests and only in case you are completely satisfied we will finish the film to technical perfection.
After mastering and encoding, all film layers are perfectly matched and available in the desired video format. Your movie is now ready to use!